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It is hard out there for a pimp. And I’m not going to lie; I hate the word ‘blogger’ it feels like its an acronym for someone who has somethign to hide. And maby it’s true, maby bloggers do have something to hide. For example the fact that they sometimes are promoting brands that they don’t even like. But I’m not going to spill the tea from the get go.

1 – Join an offline community

Back in 2008 I joined an organization that was aiming to target young girls from minority groups. We used to make video’s every single Saturday, write the idea’s ourselves and then go shoot. It made it possible for us to understand the business behind selling a story. I used to do summer school in the summertime and got the chance to really get to craft my work as an interviewer, host, editor and camerawoman. I started when I was 15 and I probably attended four or five of these offline community’s that are soly based on inspiring, educating and empowering young creatives. Even if you don’t live in the big city try and find a way to get good at your skill. We all need 100.000 hours before we master a skill and can call ourselves a professional. I am a professional at what I do because I put in the hours. I’m not into name dropping but the people I’ve met are priceless, I’ve been building my network from fifteen years on up.

2- The power of social media

We live in a time where Kim K became a multi-millionaire by the power of social media. Trust me when I say that she would not have been as wealthy if it wasn’t for social media. Why? Because Social Media cuts out the middle man. ¬†There is no journalist, paparazzi or other money hungry company that you need in order for you to talk to your focusgroup. Make sure that when u started a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, WordPress, Printerest and/or Blogger account, you understand the language of the platform. For example, the way you communicate on Twitter is different than Facebook or Instagram. S0 one post with the same message sometimes needs to be re-written in order to appeal to the language and focus group of the social media platform. Cross-medial is also very important. So after you post your product or article online, now you need to make sure that you will generate traffic towards your content. Back in 2o12 Nulverbaal booked a lot of revenue in the area of Rotterdam? Two things helped; one is using hashtags and posting crossmedial en the second most important part is also the last tip of the day…

3 – Content is Key

Honesty can be one of your biggest powers while being an online creative. In a time where reality tv is everywhere, people are craving real authentic content. I do believe that this is why YouTube is so booming right now; there is a lot of honest life reports or product reviews on there. Whatever your skill is from drawing, graphic designing to modelling or photography. Whatever it is; make sure you give people an inside in your real life. Be honest about the behind the scenes, the public loves that because they can identify themselves with it. Identification is very important in this process so think before you work on your content and keep in mind that ones your core-values are set, it will be ease to build from there.

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