ArtLife: How to get started as an online creative

Whitney Marcial

It is hard out there for a pimp. And I’m not going to lie; I hate the word ‘blogger’ it feels like its an acronym for someone who has somethign to hide. And maby it’s true, maby bloggers do have something to hide. For example the fact that they sometimes are promoting brands that they don’t even like. But I’m not going to spill the tea from the get go.

1 – Join an offline community

Back in 2008 I joined an organization that was aiming to target young girls from minority groups. We used to make video’s every single Saturday, write the idea’s ourselves and then go shoot. It made it possible for us to understand the business behind selling a story. I used to do summer school in the summertime and got the chance to really get to craft my work as an interviewer, host, editor and camerawoman. I started when I was 15 and I probably attended four or five of these offline community’s that are soly based on inspiring, educating and empowering young creatives. Even if you don’t live in the big city try and find a way to get good at your skill. We all need 100.000 hours before we master a skill and can call ourselves a professional. I am a professional at what I do because I put in the hours. I’m not into name dropping but the people I’ve met are priceless, I’ve been building my network from fifteen years on up.

2- The power of social media

We live in a time where Kim K became a multi-millionaire by the power of social media. Trust me when I say that she would not have been as wealthy if it wasn’t for social media. Why? Because Social Media cuts out the middle man.  There is no journalist, paparazzi or other money hungry company that you need in order for you to talk to your focusgroup. Make sure that when u started a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, WordPress, Printerest and/or Blogger account, you understand the language of the platform. For example, the way you communicate on Twitter is different than Facebook or Instagram. S0 one post with the same message sometimes needs to be re-written in order to appeal to the language and focus group of the social media platform. Cross-medial is also very important. So after you post your product or article online, now you need to make sure that you will generate traffic towards your content. Back in 2o12 Nulverbaal booked a lot of revenue in the area of Rotterdam? Two things helped; one is using hashtags and posting crossmedial en the second most important part is also the last tip of the day…

3 – Content is Key

Honesty can be one of your biggest powers while being an online creative. In a time where reality tv is everywhere, people are craving real authentic content. I do believe that this is why YouTube is so booming right now; there is a lot of honest life reports or product reviews on there. Whatever your skill is from drawing, graphic designing to modelling or photography. Whatever it is; make sure you give people an inside in your real life. Be honest about the behind the scenes, the public loves that because they can identify themselves with it. Identification is very important in this process so think before you work on your content and keep in mind that ones your core-values are set, it will be ease to build from there.

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When your babysister turns 18

Whitney Marcial

Hands down the best things in life come in three’s. We grew up in the same home and had an creative household. Every single week I listened how my sister was playing the piano, the way she moves when she dances, talks or walks. I saw her grow into this amazing young woman. Both of them. I love you and I will always cherish our love for the arts, being of service to others and can’t wait to make more memory’s with this holy trinity.

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The Summer of 2017

Whitney Marcial

So yeah, I’m not going to lie but I haven’t been in the mood for sharing my life on social media lately. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s more of an necessary thing to do. Let’s start at the beginning.

I got dumped
Finally after four months of dating and fighting a lot he pulled the trigger. It was a crazy beautiful experience where I got to know bits and pieces about myself, the things that I was trying to suppress. I used to carry a lot of fear, pain and self doubt with me. I thought I was doing better until I started to manifest people, places and situations where I always ended up looking in the mirror. For example my hair grows up in the air, in circles but I choose to straighten it or put weave in? Why, you may ask? Because I don’t want to face the fact that it needs a lot of maintanains self care and love to grow and be healthy. Just like you won’t pour bleach into your plants, you also need to take proper care of your hair. The relationship and self talk I was having also became apparent in the interactions with others. No one treats you worse or better than you treat yourself. Being dumped actually made me realize I do need to change a lot in order for me to introduce loving thoughts and actions on a daily basis. I used to think that one day of self-care was enough, until I realized that self care is something you do every single minute of the day because you love yourself. Water instead of bleach my dear.

I failed
My thesis wasn’t good enough. So yes, I started of my summer feeling everything but accomplished. Realizing how many times I’ve got beating down in the past few years, just to finish my education. I decided to stop re-writing, let the entire thing go on a mental level and started  to live my life. Living my life equals spending time with family and friends, having fun on the job and outside. spotting for my very first documentary, reading a lot and writing. I had so much love surrounding me, especially when I realized the benefits of opening up to the people around me. Instead of me being like ‘i’m fine how are you?’ I started to open up about my ‘bagage’ and in return I got so much love, advice and respect back. The key is to be transparent as you can be in order for you to grow as an human being. Me locking myself up every single day, writing and reading isn’t the same as me going outside and realize how I’m feeling and doing by interacting with others.

I got up
This year I finally started working as an assistant manager. By learning how to manage my work, the customers and colleagues I also started to manage my own life a lot better. Instead of being surprised by the uncontrollable I started to anticipate a lot better and made adjustments accordingly.
I realized how much of my power, I’ve been giving away to other people, letting them control how I feel and think. From love relationships, co-workers to family members and documentary’s. Instead of me reaching withing on auto-pilot I started to become aware of my co-dependency and how I found a way to not do the work and still feel like I’m living my life. So I needed to break all of the patterns and learn how to live my life for me to serve the collective.
Wanting to become self employed as an artist can be hard especially in the age of social media. How to stay true to yourself and still work with cliënts is a challenge but not impossible. So after a friend of mine gave me a call for a potential job I immediately jumped on board and this is what came out of it.

My sister died
My father divorced my mother when I was two years old. He moved to the United Kingdom and had two other children. I always knew of their existence and always felt so connected to them. In 2012 our dad suddenly past away. It allowed my sister Elga and I to get into contact and we decided to look each other up. Life happened and after five years I finally was coming down to really get to know them. My flight was booked for the 22th of August, the very first day of my holiday. Two days prior to that I got a call from my mother. My sister died of an heart attack, she was only 23.

My. World. Stopped. I felt this excoriating pain from the inside of me stomach. It was preventing me from breathing normally and I cried, and I cried, and I cried. My best friends came to visit me and I left two days later.

Being there and getting to know her without her being there physically was hard. Her son is the love of my life. Getting to know my other sister, her child, her husband and all the family and friends that surrounded her made it easier for me to cope.

I lost a sister and I gained one; the irony of life. Her death was sudden and she lived her life like a Supernova. Ambitious, fiery, honest and ready to start her life anew. We all experience times in our live where we are rearranging and changing a lot behind the scene’s in order for us to grow to the new level. She was doing that and it wasn’t easy. I will always love you Elga until we meet again..

My summer ended bittersweet with the unexpected loss. I come from a huge family and normally I would spend more time with my mothers side. Now everything changed though. Meeting my uncle for the very fist time, my cousins, my sister; it made me see a more whole side of myself. And the realization finally sunk in; I am more than just my mothers daughter, I am also my fathers daughter. Even though I grew up with my stepdad and mum, It is nice to know where you come from.

What I’ve learned
To let go whenever something is not serving you or the collective. At the end of the summer I looked into a clear mirror and saw so much beauty. The way I deal with life might be extra-ordinary to a lot of ‘normal’ human beings. But it works for me, for now. No man is an island and we need each other more than this individualistic society talks about. The narrative of ‘making your dreams come true’ isn’t cutting it for me anymore. It is about being of service, living in health (wich equals wealth),  having experiences that make you grow as an indivudual. At the end of your life what will your legacy be? What will you have created that serves the world at its highest level? Is it a child, a job, medicine, an invention? How will you get inspired, comming from the Latin word īnspīrāre meaning in breath. What does it mean to breathe, I mean live for you? A wise one once said ‘the way you breath is the way you live’. So I’ve learned how to let it flow. My breath. Life.


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whitneymarcial, margarethsikkens, fotografie

SCHOONHEID | Margareth Sikkens

Whitney Marcial

Margareth Sikkens heeft voor haar afstuderen 10 verschillende vrouwen/meisjes geïnterviewd over schoonheid. Wat betekent schoonheid voor jou? Ik leerde haar een jaar geleden kennen. Een mooie vrouw met een bepaalde pressence. We spraken over en onder het genot van een koffie of een wijntje gingen de gesprekkken over kunst, in de breedste zin van het woord, liefde, fotografie, dromen en ambitie’s. Ik kan me het moment herinneren dat ze vertelde over haar fassinatie over binnenwerelden. Ik liet haar binnen in mijn wereld, herkende exact waar ze het over had. Maar in hoeverre leren we de ander echt kennen? Zie je de ander, of jezelf? Onze eigen perseptie, conditionering en ervaringen kleuren de ander letterlijk en figuurlijk. Over het zwart zijn als vrouw en hoe zwaar dat moet zijn. Is het vrouw zijn in een patriarchie niet uberhaupt zwaar..enzovoorts. Mooi om met mensen te kunnen filosoferen, mooi om nieuwe mensen te ontmoeten. Dankjewel Margareth voor de gesprekken, het interview en de prachtige analoge(!) foto’s. Gefeliciteerd met je afstuderen je hebt het volledig verdient. De interviews en foto’s zijn stuk voor stuk prachtig en een absolute aanrader.

Ik kan me nog zo goed herinneren hoe we naar de boom op het plaatje toe liepen. De felle zon werkte verblindend, en dat is maar goed ook. Eén van mijn favoriete uitspraken: ‘Wie naar buiten kijkt droomt, wie naar binnen kijkt is wakker’ is geheel van toepassing als ik dit plaatje zie…

margarethsikkens. whitneymarcial

whitneymarcial, margarethsikkens, fotografie

‘Schoonheid is op de één of andere manier een stuk universeler dan ik dacht’

Beluister het gehele audiofragement hier en de website van de getalenteerde blogger en fotograaf Maggy Loves.

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Spiritual 101: Self Love

Whitney Marcial

Spring is here and 2017 has been so good to me. Every single morning I would wake up with a smile on my face; not because all my problems have sup sided, but because I have loved myself enough to have attracted the right people and environments around me. I have come to realize that the past year has been a huge purge. Every little thing that wasn’t in alignment with the highest good was released from my reality. As within so without. Instead of me trying to fit into the norm, I had to take a risk and let go of everything that no longer served me.

Spiritual awakening & Infinite Waters

What happens was actually something that I could never anticipate. I met some new souls but the majority of the purge I was actually getting to know the old group of people I’ve known my entire life; family, friends and more family. Not a lot of people but enough to make sure that you know that you’re loved, always and forever, despite the crazy things your mind tricks you into believing.
The age of aquarius is actually the information age. A lot of experts on this topic speak of a new dawn where the world as we know it will never be the same again. Can you imagine life on earth without dense and hard emotions? On one side we have capitalism, inequality, politics, climbing the career ladder etc. On the other side we have large groups of people trying to find the meaning of life; beyond the materialistic things. Groups of people who are looking for and creating a completly different way of living. If you want to know more about this go watch some video’s produced by Ralp Smart, one of the biggest front leaders of this revolutionary age; Infinite Waters.

Tony Robbins and the fertilizer

Every single day we wake up and go through life trying to be our best selves. At least, the ones that are into personal development do aim for that. The beautiful part about this process is that it will show you what is coming to the surface. For example, you’re walking down the street and all of a sudden there is this girl, she stops you and compliments you on your look or hair. Every single vessel in your body now is experiencing all types of emotions, mainly positive right? At least, only if you have had positive associations stored in your brain and (subconscious) body. So depending on your database at that particular moment someone compliments you, you will know if you’r releasing rainbows or lava. Many events may trigger you into feeling the worst emotions you will ever experience (lava) making room for other emotions/ thoughts to arise. This is not a bad thing at all. Every single emotion will make sure you get to know yourself a bit more. And just like Tony Robbins says; the shit from your pest is the fertilizer of your future; good and bad.

Letting go of judgement

This is a metaphor of course, and to go along with that, what I love most about this reference is that both are phenomena from nature. Lava may erupt from the deep earth but it will always leave the land fertile. Rainbows may appear when the rain is comming down, beautiful sight and as natural as lava. Sometimes we humans may prefer one over the other. In reality, I’ve come to see that self love is accepting what is, who you are, in this moment in time. It may change every single day, and that’s okay. I am accepting and lovingly taking life as is. Allowing each step of the way to guide me and others into the right direction.

The age of Aquarius

Losing friends, being wrong, living in fear, these emotional thoughts will subside. Letting go of judgement is the hardest thing you might have to try in months, maby years, just to give yourself the chance to actually love yourself. Love yourself enough to walk away from everything that no longer serve you; this is step one when it comes to spiritual awakening in the age of Aquarius. What are the changes that you can start making in your life? By becoming still, meditation is a proven practice that helps you develop inner clarity. As within so without. Be honest with yourself and start asking questions. Every single moment in time you have the choice to decide where you want to go. How you want to view the events in your life. Being surrounded by the right people is a natural process, it will happen once you start being more loving towards oneself.

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